TLB Challenge


If you are satisfied with your marketing efforts, we want you to contact us. We don't want you to be just satisfied with your advertising; we want you to be totally excited by it! We challenge any other company to provide more advertising experience, marketing enthusiasm and creativity to the service of your account.

TLB Philosophy

We are proud to be a successful advertising agency since 1973. But in this business, it's not about what we did for you last month; it's what we're doing for you this month and next month that really counts.

TLB Success

We believe success is a journey, not a destination. At TLB, we continually challenge ourselves to create the best work, provide the best service and deliver the best overall marketing plans to our clients. We don't just dream about success...we wake up and work hard at it!

Let's imagine it... Let's do it!

Terry L Butz


Phil Mealy

Senior Vice President Marketing

Andrew Mauer

Senior Marketing/Creative Director